June 2013 Newsletter

Dear all,

I hope you have been able to enjoy some of the truly glorious sunshine that we have been blessed with over the past week or so. It seems I managed to get the best of it when I was working down at Sunrise Festival in Wiltshire – we had a wonderful time, made a beautiful willow garden and I’ve even come back with a bit of a tan!


One small disadvantage of the lovely sunshine is that some of the larger willow, put aside for making low border fencing here at Blacksmiths Cottage, has started drying out. I discovered this when I made the first of a planned five on Friday (see piccy on the left).


So, in order to make the most of my supplies, and also because I have had quite a few requests to learn the techniques, I have decided to offer a free workshop tomorrow, where you can learn all the skills needed to make low border fencing by assisting with the construction of mine! I realise that this will be rather too short notice for many of you, but my calendar is rather full at the moment, and tomorrow is when it needs to be!

Hopefully there will be some that will be able to make it.

If you are interested, then please contact me asap and I’ll ring you with further details.

Warm wishes,