Open Studio - Debbie Hall and Sally Roach

Come and see our new work at Blacksmith Cottage on the afternoon of Saturday 6th April 2019, from 1pm-6pm

A chance to come and say hello, and find out what we're up to!
Join us for tea and biccies and enjoy the baskets and the lovely surroundings.

There will be lots of baskets and sculptural work for sale, as well as items for the garden. Whether you'd like to come and buy, just look, get some inspiration, enjoy the garden or chat and drink tea, we'd love you to come!
It’s also a great opportunity to come and see the space and meet us. Ideal for those who have been thinking of coming on a workshop and would like to come and check it all out first.

Two lots of beautiful baskets to see

Sally Roach will be joining me for this event. Sally is a Cambridge based basketmaker and we are both part of the 'Basketry Collective' group. You can check out more of Sally's stuff on her website

Sally Roach
Debbie Hall

Willow Dress Auction

You can also see (and potentially bid for) the willow dress sculpture that I will be auctioning to raise money for my friend Jennifer's cancer treatment. Read more about it here

Saturday 6th April 2019 1pm-6pm

Blacksmith Cottage,
Blacksmiths Lane,
Shudy Camps,
CB21 4RH

you can download a printable pdf map and directions for the last part of the journey